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What Makes a Great Coach: Progressions and Regressions

Chris Garay

In an attempt to hone in on What Makes a Great Coach, over the next several posts I will outline some concepts I have learned over the past several years while coaching both music and fitness. While this list will not be exhaustive, it should be a good start for those interested in improving their coaching skills, whether in CrossFit, martial arts, yoga, or even drum corps.

What Makes a Great Coach: Progressions and Regressions

To begin, it is useful to consider the subtle differences between the trainer–client and coach–athlete relationships, especially because they can be blurry at times. Trainers typically train one or two, maybe three clients at a time, whereas coaches typically have larger groups of athletes to manage at once. Trainers have to be aware of their client’s needs, wants, and desires, because ultimately the clients are the ones paying the trainer’s bills. Coaches, however, typically have…

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5 ways to fix a lousy squat

My rants on training and life

Shark-Squats[1] Imagine that you are person who is good for other people and you only want what is best for them . But for some reason people think that you are mean and or a jerk. Maybe they caught you on a bad day and you may have reacted harshly to them or so on. As a result, you have a  reputation for being mean that has spread like a wild fire throughout your community. Now place squats were your name  was and you have how most of the world looks at this great and natural move. Squats are thought to be be bad by many for many different parts of the body, such as knees, back and so on. Poor squats, they don’t get a break unless a person is educated in the how to and whys of squatting.



Having written all of that.  Today’s…

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The first step of success and the KIWK SJ Kettlebell Workout of The Week

It is one o’clock in the morning as I awake to the sound of my puppy barking. In a fog and unable to think coherently my first thought was to go back to sleep and just let  the dog bark. That would have been awesome for me, Just not for my wife and neighbors.  So as you can guess I got up and took the dog out to go to the bathroom. I was insanely tired and not very patient as I did, yet it was the right thing to do for everyone involved including me. At this point  you may be wondering what my story has to do with the title of this post.  Or maybe you see what tremendous discipline it took to get out of bed and put the my wife, neighbors and the dog before my legitimate need for sleep. Thus it seemed like the perfect usage of this encounter to talk about the first key to success: Self discipline.

ImageZoey the wonderpup on her new bed.

The online dictionary gives the definition to self-discipline: the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it. So how does one develop such a trait? We have all tried and failed at times throwing our hands up in frustration. In spite of our past failures there is still hope to hone and own this trait for success and it starts with a mindset. We have to see it as a GOOD THING and the key to freedom from the negative consequences of our bad habits! Then we can find it easier(but not easy) to develop new good habits.

(How much more positive can you be! )

After you begin to practice this new mindset you will want to begin to start to cut off old habits and replace them with new ones. Your struggle may be just showing up to the gym to train. It could be that you lack the will power to change your eating habits for long periods of time or at all. Realize that it is best for you and your loved ones and then begin to slowly change it. The reason I say slow is it will be able to discipline one thing and keep the anxiety of being imperfect at bay and from being discouraged and unable to get started where many live.

So friends adopt a new mindset, a positive one. At first it may be difficult and you may mess up at times. That is ok just don’t give up.  Get even more determined and keep on practicing it. In time it will be as natural as your old negative mindset! Of course you have a free will and can choose not to change your mindset and I will still like you. However I want you to realize that you are responsible for your own misery and mediocrtiy! Now onto something fun!:

The Killing It With Kettlebells South Jersey Kettlebell Workout of the week:

  The Snatch Walkout!

This weeks dreaded kettlebell workout of the week is the Snatch walkout. This involves snatching a 16 kg kettlebell to 24kg for men and 12 to 16 for the ladies five times and then doing an over head walk for five steps for 10 to 15 minutes or for rounds.

In order to do this workout you will need to:

1. Know how to snatch a bell. (clearly) There is no sense in trying to do something you don’t know how to do. Just do a one arm swing instead and then a rack carry or suitcase for more steps.

2.Know when to bail out and use a rack carry and do a one arm swing if necessary.

3. Rest as much as you need to, but no more

4. Make sure your reps and sets are quality ones. Don’t get hurt when training!

5. Breathe, in on the bottom through your nose and out through the mouth on top.

6. Enjoy The pain and fat burning!

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How to eat and stay full (a fat loss rant) and the know when to hold ’em

        I Just can’t stick to my nutrition program is a complaint that I hear quite often as a fitness coach and  at divers times in the past, I have had the same problem. So what do we need to do? Is there any hope for us to have the body of our dreams?

If you have asked yourself that question much like I did in the past, then this post will help you immensely if you follow these few basic tips. As you probably are aware that most of our problems in life are due to us just not knowing or not being motivated to do what we know. The goal of today’s post is to both inform and inspire change by showing how simple it can be. Part of our weakness as human beings is our potential to be side tracked by different gimmicks and to over complicate things.  Let’s place that to the side and focus on our goals and put these life changing principles to work and be transformed forever!

learning can be overwhelming to us, but we can make it easier by focusing on a few things and apply them to our lives. Today’s post will be a chance to practice this concept. We will take a look at two things that we can do almost right away to make our nutrition better and help us get to our goals. These two things are simply to eat more fiber and protein in  our meals.

If you can recall last week’s post was about eating whole foods.  This week is basically a continuation of that post for the basic reason that if we are eating whole foods we will be accomplishing those thoughts. However stick around for some more reasons to  reenforce us to eat well.

The first we will discuss is fiber. Fiber is found in plants and can be seen  in it’s leaves or the fruit it produces. A good example of this is a spinach leaf (not because I had it last night te, he, he)  look at all the “joints” in it.  Now there are two types of fiber that is found in food, soluble and insoluble. That just means that our bodies can break one down and the other it cannot. Soluble can be broken down but slowly and keeps us feeling full longer due to how long our stomach and small intestines work on it keeping our brain from triggering the hunger hormone quickly. Insoluble fiber cannot be broken down by our body and aids in our bowel health. It pretty much creates a slip and slide in the intestines and colon causing our waste to come out easier. By the way if you are having constipation issues, eat more fiber that most likely will take care of that! As far as fat loss goes, we need both of these fibers in our diets in order to get the full feeling.

Second, protein: Protein has a little bit too much reverence in the fitness world and seen as magic at times. Just like any other energy source protein can be stored as fat and there is such a thing as too much. That dispels myth number one. Secondly you do not need more than a gram to gram and a half to build muscle. In fact studies show us that people who eat the same protein as they did when they were sedentary still gain muscle. (so there) Also other research shows us that distance runners actually need more protein than any other exercisers, weight lifters included. However if we have a balanced approach to eating it, we will reap the benefit of feeling full longer for thee same reason as fiber amongst others.

There we go everyone- all that is left is to apply these two easy to do ideas. Eat more fiber(whole foods) and get more protein in your meals as a choice without getting fanatical. These two things are not the solution for every problem but will most definitely help with our fat loss goals and will cause us to make true fitness progress!

Without further interupption, we  present to you our readers the Killing It With Kettlebells SJ 

   Kettlebell work out of the week:

Know when to hold ‘em

This week’s workout is a heinous complex in its own right! It will involve anywhere from  16kg to 24kg for men and for women 8 to 16 kg.

This workout is done by doing one arm swings for thirty seconds and rack holds for thirty seconds.

The rules are:

1. Do as many rounds as you can with good form for 5 to 8 minutes

2. Rest as much as you need to, but only as much as you have to.

3. Breathe: make sure to match up your breathing with your one arm swings(in on the bottom and out on the top) and as you are holding breathe, but don’t completely relax ( you have a kettlebell in the rack) So breath with tight abs as if someone were sitting on your stomach.

4. Enjoy the challenge!

lessons from an air gauge and The Line of Doom

It is very interesting to me how we can learn and reinforce useful information from the weirdest places.Today I had to fill two of my tires because I  have been so busy  that I just hadn’t done it in a while. Needless to say that my front driver side was pretty low and my car was sluggish as a result. Do you feel that way at times with your fitness? Do you feel sluggish and like you are getting nowhere fast? Then stay tuned friends because I have some of the answers that you are looking for!

First, if you feel like something is amiss I want to give you a mental high-five because you are aware of your body talking to you and even better- you are listening! There are five points that I am going share with you over the next post that will help you be able to manage your body’s feedback to you.  They are: First- you must have the proper movement as a foundation. Second- Your loading and progressions must be intelligently balanced. Third- you do need to get your rest days and adequate sleep. Fourth- your nutrition should fit your training goals. Lastly- you will want to plan and track your training.

 Proper movement as a foundation: If you have read any of my previous posts, you already know that I am a fan of the functional movement screen.The reason that I believe in and practice the FMS is due to the fact that this is a common sense and scientifically proven system and not just a fad in the industry. The screen is used to identify any problem we may have in our movement and then shows us what to fix before we begin a training program. We cannot just assume that we move well enough, we must be screened just as our blood pressure is. If we ignore this step we will not get the results we want and increase our chance of injury. So get screened and fixed before you train!

Proper loading and progression: Although this seems like training 101, it is more often ignored than applied. Go to any gym in your area and watch people as they train with or without a trainer, they are doing moves they are not ready for with a load they can’t handle yet. Once again, this goes back to having proper movement and then spending the proper amount of time on and owning the movement that you are on. After you have made the weight or progression that you are presently training easy, then you can safely move on.

If you do not train progressively you will:

1) Have poor form which leads to movement dysfunction and possible injury.
2) Tax your central nervous system way too much and burn out.
3) Lastly, your deflated CNS will lead to a weak immune system and getting sick.
Progress wisely friends!

Rest days and sleep: The next step is the only logical pairing with training along with a good nutritional program. You have to take days off and you absolutely must rest. I know that some people say “well that doesn’t apply to me.” That may be somewhat true, but most people need to take a day or two off a week from training to avoid burning out. I have met many people that give lip service to the mantra ” no days off,” however they are inconsistent with their gains and commitment to training. Do yourself a favor and take some days off from training in the week, 3 or 4 days every three to four weeks and one or two weeks every year. You will be surprised by how strong you will get if you stay active. Also you know that you need enough sleep. If you do not get it you end up miserable and weak. Get at least 6 to 8 hours a night in conjunction to your training and you will make gains!

Nutrition: This one is very simple- eat whole foods and fast once or twice a week for 12 to 24 hours. Fasting has so many benefits for our hormones. As you well know all of our muscle gain and strength building is directly related to our hormones.  (For more on whole foods read this: )

Tracking and focus:This last point kind of holds everything together. We all are very busy and we can easily be detracted from our fitness goals. Having a journal helps us overcome detrimental tendency. Also,we need to be able to see when to progress each of our movements wisely. As we track, we can see when to safely do that instead of forcing a move. Next, we can see when to de-load and or back off. Tracking can let us know why we may be having a hard time or know what is going on with our moods and energy as we train.Tracking also keeps us focused and helps us keep the goal the goal because we see our progress and also what we need to pay more attention to.

 Today’s post was a long one, I hope that you will apply these basic and simple principles. Life is difficult as it is- why complicate it any more than it is? keep it simple! Make sure your movement is good by screening it, progress and load wisely, get your rest, eat right and hold it all together by tracking. We all need to hear these principles so please share this with others and subscribe yourself to this blog so that you too may make True Fitness progress!

Now Ladies and Gentlemen: I present to you the fat blasting complex and your Killing It With Kettlebells SJ Kettlebell Workout of the week:


There are certain needs to should be addressed as we train. One of those needs are loaded carries, but are often neglected. This week’s workout will add those in as well as other fun and challenging moves. Get ready to melt off fat as a hot knife through butter!

The guidelines of this workout are:

1. You must know how to clean safely and snatch well. If you do not, do the last two weeks workouts.

2. Breath, match up your breathing with each movement. In on the bottom and out on the top.

3. Make sure to stay tight and not lean back on the carries, swings and so on.

4.Rest as much as you need to, but only as much as you have to!

5. Do all of the movements in the order given. (There is a method to my madness, trust me!)

They are:

1. Do 5 – 1 arm swings then carry the bell in rack position for five steps,  repeat on the other side.

2.  5 cleans and rack carry repeat on the other side

3. 5 overhead presses and suitcase carry (Again hit both sides)

4. 5 snatches and over head walks (Again hit both sides)

5. Keep repeating for 10 to 20 minutes

Enjoy the pain and fat loss!

What to eat and the Undertaker

The world offers a lot of confusion. With all of the voices out there saying different things, how do you know what is true? If you are like me and have watched early morning TV in all of it’s horror(dun, dah, dah) you probably have seen the countless hours of fitness and nutrition related infomercials that promise you abs and lean body if you buy their product! So again, how do we know the truth? Also how do you know what to do and to use?

Today’s post will offer you some clarity, help you with your frustrations and save you some money.! Buckle up my friends and enjoy the ride we are going to hit it hard, fast and come out untouched. By the end of our ride you will know what to eat as the title says!

In reality,eating well is not that  difficult once you understand it and hold unto the concepts. The problems often come into play when we allow others to sway us away from what is science based and simple to follow. Adhering to a sound nutrition program doesn’t have to be complicated. (think about that) Oftentimes the simpler something is, the more intelligent it is.

” Things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler” Albert Einstein.

The goal of this post today is to educate you on how to eat and to give you principles to guide you in your eating. The most important aspect of a good nutrition program is to be dedicated to it. Then, first you have to want to eat well more than you love the things that are keeping you from your fitness and fat loss goals. After you have made your mind up, I can now begin to share with you life changing information. Do yourself a favor, decide and read on!


The first step is that you have to stop crash dieting or even following a diet at all. Instead you will need to change your habits little by little for life. This can be as simple as cutting back on ice cream or cutting out soda. You will be surprised how many calories these things put into your day, week, month and year. After that you can begin to replace what we call “bad foods,”  with better choices. As you do even just this one step you will begin to experience change and be even more motivated to continue on.

The next step is to begin to eat whole foods. Whole foods are simple to identify., they are in their natural state and never packaged in a box or in the form of a mix. A fellow trainer says to “stick to the outside of the supermarket and you will do well!” Knowing this principle may cause questions to arise in your mind and that is good. Oftentimes I get asked those questions such as:What about fats? The simple answer to this is you will want to avoid trans fats. You may also be aware that trans fats are laboratory made and not naturally occurring.
Which brings me to my next point – fats and carbs (unrefined) are not the problem. the quality of foods and the amount that you eat are. Buy organic as much as you can and more importantly stay away from human tampered foods as much as possible.

Just in case you still have questions about what whole foods are, I will give you some examples. Fruits are a whole food, they are in their natural state and unrefined. Vegetables are whole foods for the same reason. Meat that is still in it’s natural state although taken off the animal is a whole food. Nuts are whole foods once again if unrefined, sorry peanut butter is refined. (Yet there are places that you can go to make your own natural pb and that is cool.)

Today’s post was designed to clear up your confusion and to give you the knowledge needed to get you moving towards your goals. Also it is to fortify the truth in the minds of those who may feel confused by snake oil salesmen and their endless gimmicks to rob you of your hard earned cash. Now you will want to make the changes you need to make a little at a time and switch your foods to real food. If you do these things you cannot fail and you too will make True Fitness Progress! Remember to comment,subscribe and share this post with your friends who could use it. Thanks!

 Without any more hesitation we have the Killing It With Kettlebells South Jersey Kettlebell work out of the week:

The Undertaker

  “A workout so very heinous that it could go by no other name!”

The workout is done by doing deadswings for a minute and then immediately followed by the heart beat carry for 50 steps. Then rest for the time allotted and repeat for 5 to 8 rounds.

As always, we now have the guidelines:

1st.  You have to know how to swing, if you don’t, then learn and in the meantime you can do last weeks workout. If you do know how to swing well then go to step two friends.

2nd.  Find an area that is safe and where you can do 50 paces (it can be 25 up and back, if needed)

3rd; watch your form, make sure above all else that you are hinging deeply and doing every rep with the utmost quality.

4th. The bell must be set down before every rep. (Otherwise it is not a dead swing.) However make sure you are hiking the bell back before you set it straight down.

5th If you need to pace your self do not come out of the hinge, instead give yourself a few extra seconds in between swings.

6th. Breath- once again, in on the back swing and out forcefully on the way up.

7th. Do as many rounds as you can with good form and give yourself 40 to 60 seconds rest in between sets. This training should last 10 to 15 mins. Enjoy the shredding and fat burning!

The following video gives a description and a visual aide for all of my visual friends:

Enjoy the Pain and post a comment about your results!